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About Metrolina Medical Clinic

Metrolina Medical Clinic is a Multispecialty Clinic of Internal Medicine, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Cardio-Metabolism and Obesity Medicine management and risk reduction practice. It is a quality, superior center where advanced, evidence based Cardiometabolic Subspecialty “ One Stop Shop ” Approach is practiced.

This cardiometabolic practice is the creative effort of Dr. Godwin Obi Uzomba, MD, FACP, FACE, Dipl. ABOM and team of Internists. We are proud of our dedicated advanced management protocol center that focuses on the ever-growing epidemic of clusters of Cardiometabolic disease like prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders, overweight, obesity and a host of other related endocrine and metabolic disorders.

Our Services

Comprehensive Patient Care Management: A keen focus on aggressive early detection and management of chronic cardiometabolic risk clusters, employing a “ paradigm shift ” on the optimal choice of medical therapy guided by the pathophysiologic dysfunction of the involved metabolic disease and target organs.

Our Mission

To provide advanced protocol of “ best practices ” optimal management of each patient’s unique cardiometabolic risk clusters and endocrine diseases with primary goal focused on reducing cardiovascular complications and related vital organs damage with a resultant improved quality of life and longevity.
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Why is it important to maintian your health?

You’re Not Alone. And we are Here to Help!

At Weight and Health, we provide a comprehensive physician supervised medical care with focus on promoting long term weight loss and overall improvement in cardiometabolic health. Our process is practical, realistic and affordable. We will set your individualized goal after assessment and work closely with you discussing the health benefits. Together, we will agree on expectations, behavior changes goals and details of management plan, including accountability. We will assist you to identify and address any barriers , and providing valuable resources to help you achieve and sustain long term weight loss.

Our Services

Weight & Health

Obesity is a complex chronic disease influenced by physiologic, psychological, genetic and environmental factors often requiring long term management. It is therefore challenging for patients to loose and maintain weight loss because of the myriad of these external and internal predisposing factors. Because of this complex nature, it requires to be treated by health care professionals uniquely qualified to initiate and guide you through the process of weight loss, maintenance and overall improved health. It requires much more than just eating healthy meals and exercising.

Obesity related complications can be improved by sustained weight loss. Examples are prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, elevated lipids, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, obstructive sleep apnea, reflux disease, male hypogonadism, polycystic ovarian syndrome, female infertility, osteoarthritis, cancer and many others.

We treat your weight problem based on presence, stage and severity of obesity related complications. We use clinical markers of the complications as well as information gathered from thorough evaluation from history and examination to stage and treat. With this protocol, weight loss is achieved and maintained.

Internal Medicine

MMC Internal Medicine provides Primary Care services , Preventative Care , School and Sports Physicals.

Immigration Services

When applying for a green card to the United States, the applicant needs to have some kind of medical examination, performed by an authorized doctor. We are equipped and authorized to provide examinations for people who are looking to come into the United States from other counties.

Operations / Process

Your time is of great value, so we have made few recommendations for time efficiency in view of your busy schedules and respect for your time. Prior to your initial consultation, if feasible, please visit us on line and complete the “New Patient Forms”. You can fax the forms to us at 980-245-8066 preferably few days before your visit. We encourage you to send any recent labs and EKG you may have also. This will allow us time to review your information and learn more about you prior to your initial visit.

We recommend that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow for timely registration by our reception staff.


MMC Endocrinology specializes in the diagnosis and management of endocrine and metabolic disorders.

Some of the conditions that we manage include:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Pre- Diabetes
  • Diabetes and it’s complications
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Parathyroid disorders
  • Pituitary tumors
  • Adrenal diseases,
  • Hypogonadism
  • Osteoporosis

Cost of Visits

This cost of this program is not billed to your insurance.

It is a concierge type medically supervised Weight and Health program supervised by a Board Certified Internist/Endocrinologist and Obesity Medicine specialist certified by American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Cost of Initial Consultation -New Patient Visit with Dr Uzomba is $300 Cost of Follow up visits is $100/monthly. Price of $100 a month remains even when more than once a month visit is required.

Telehealth optional services during the maintenance phase bear the same follow up monthly visit costs.

We encourage you to bring any recent labs or EKG you may have done within the past 3-6 months to your initial consultation. If not available, the initial routine labs we will perform is included in your initial consultation fees and at no additional charge to you.

If we will require additional further work up labs based on any metabolic complications you may have, we can offer you the convenience of having our staff obtain you blood sample at the office which will be sent off to LabCorp. who will in turn bill your insurance company directly. Alternatively, you may elect for the practice to bill your insurance for your labs which will not be connected to your weight clinic visits.

**Please Note that the complete body composition analysis and diagnostic tests for autonomic, cardiovascular and metabolic complications profile analysis performed at your initial consultation or first follow up visit is included in your initial consultation fee and at no additional cost to you.

Initial Consultation

Your first visit will last approximately one hour. At this visit, the medical staff will obtain your vitals which includes your blood pressure, pulse rate, height and weight. A detailed and comprehensive body composition analysis will be obtained. During this testing, we will also determine your autonomic and vascular status to assist in evaluating any cardiovascular and metabolic complications of excess weight that may be present. This will allow to best stratify you for individualized optimal management plan.

Your visit will be one-on-one with Dr Uzomba who is an internist and endocrinologist with specialized training and board certified in obesity medicine. He will conduct an in depth complete evaluation of your history and a physical examination will be performed. The review will include your medications, nutritional/eating plan history, physical activity regimen, habits, previous weight loss attempts with success and failures and other weight gain contributing factors. Dr Uzomba will engage with you in a teaching and education session and in agreement with you together will come up with your individualized weight loss plan.

If need be, routine labs and EKG will be obtained at this visit.

Follow-Up Visits

The first follow up visit after initial consultation will be individually determined. It will usually be within two to four weeks and will involve review of lab results, body composition reports and discussion in depth of any weight related metabolic complications you may have from diagnostics performed during your first visit if applicable or to perform the scheduled diagnostics if time did not allow for that during your first visit. Subsequent follow up visits will be on once monthly basis. This will continue all through your initial phase of active weight loss. Your frequency of follow-up visits can be customized to more often than once monthly during the initial weight loss phase depending on your progress. This will allow for changes in plan and more accountability. Alternatively, you can opt for less frequent flexible visits after you have achieved your individualized weight loss goal and on maintenance phase.

During these visits, we will monitor your vitals, review your progress in weight loss, monitor your data of eating plan, physical activity advancements, recommendations on medications adjustments, barriers you are encountering, and any necessary adjustments in your management plan geared towards your success.

FDA approved anti-obesity medications when indicated are prescribed at your first or subsequent follow up visits. The choice of medications are based upon the biologic, behavioral and complication centric protocol to achieve optimal level of management and success.

Telehealth Services is available as an option to you, preferably when you are on the maintenance phase after having achieved you individualized weight loss set goal.

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